Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wish List 4/08

Every once in awhile I surprise myself and fall in love with something the general masses (of Williamsburg) have already been diggin on for weeks, maybe months. I tend to march to the beat of my own sometimes dillusional drummer, and have a hard time revealing this, but, yes, its true. This week I'm ready to commit to a life long love of working girl glasses.

They may not be called working girl glasses for sure, but they evoke memories of mom putting on her blazer and going off to work, while I sat in bed with a big bowl of Rice Krispies, pigtailed hair, and rainbow bright nightshirt- Puffalump in lap. I'm crossing fingers that somewhere in the attic is an authentic pair waiting just for me.

Obsession number two comes at no big surprise to anyone who knows me. I'm a stationary freak. I have a drawer full of cards for Birthday, Christmas, Groundhog Day, Thank You, We've Moved, Happy New Year, Happy New Baby, and Just Because. I have a silver plated Pierre Cardin pencil I received years and years ago, sans original lead insert, and now I'm looking to expand this collection.

Call it excessive, but I just can't help imagining my red Ikea vase-made-pencil holder stashing a few of these bad boys. Superfluous? Yes. A little bit of sunshine in my life? Absolutely.

ps: Both items via BK.
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