Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vintage 1983, from Brooklyn

This weekend isn't Brooklyn Museum's First Saturday program, as I previously thought (Boo to no second week programs!), but I'm still planning a group trip to my native borough this weekend. I'm most excited to visit MURAKAMI, which is running through July 13, but really just love getting to the building and admiring its long-running exhibits like the Rodin Gallery and the Visible Storage Center as well.

I know the face of Brooklyn is changing, and that's something that's a little difficult for me to come to terms with, having been born here to a family that came on a boat to Ellis Island with nothing... and watching a lot of spoiled rich kids move into my city and turn it into a shallow fashionista playground. But, with the influx of people have also come a lot of really great people who are taking communities with a rich past- like Red Hook and Crown Heights- and restoring them into real true communities.

Click, at the Brooklyn Museum this summer, and online right now, is an exhibit that really takes these two thoughts and meshes them. You can register online to sort through a series of over 350 photos and rate them on a sliding scale as to whether or not they convey the message that the face of Brooklyn is changing. There are the usual suspects of Coney Island photos, and an almost staggering amount of Williamsburg hipster photos, but in the mix there are also extremely captivating pictures that capture people from all walks of life- new to the city and lifers, and the ever-changing background of 718.