Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a tall claim to say that new art trumps the classics. After all, they are the Master's, and without then we'd be scribbling dots on paper and hanging it behind glass. However, in the world of MySpace's, Facebook's and Google-shall-inherit-the-Earth, it's ultimately true that an exhibit enabling the digital age to interfere with our perception of art would attract as much attention as its Web forefathers.

Enter: Dreams, an exhibit at the Hirshhorn at the Smithsonian that showed me new art really can be more than over funded hippies splattering paint on newspaper.
While I won't give the logistics away, Dreams captures you by making you a piece of the art several times- an effect I really loved working at MoMA and being part of the Richard Serra exhibit! Though a few of the works in this collection get a little too avante garde for the normal joe to enjoy, a good number of them are completely, 100% open to interpretation... always a sign of good work, when everyone and anyone is pulled in.

It is my total recommendation that you lay down the cash for the drive, shack up at the Hotel Helix, a short cab ride away in Dupont C, and an art hotel at its best, and catch the laser tunnels of clarity, disgusting speeches of digital puppetry, looping monologues that mimic the very action of sleep, and captivating new mediums of this exhibit before it disappears to reveal Part II.

Part II opens on June 19th, just short of Cherry Blossom season, but also worth a trip none the less, when our chilly East Coast weather has relaxed a bit.

For more information on Dreams, see: