Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lifestyles of the Rich and Outrageous

MSN reported this morning that more and more hotels are going a step further to make their guests feel more comfortable. Among the standard perks of free bottled water and spa treatments, these hotels are now offering jet lag cures to weekday warriors. Among the items said to ease the pain of jet lag are blue-lamp lights designed to make sleep easier to fall into, video meditation programs set on room televisions, and snack menus chock full of sleepy time food.

While this is certainly an innovative concept, and will undoubtedly help the tons of people who pass in-and-out of cities for work trips, what's in it for the guests that are just visiting? A plethora of totally insane perks including pillows filled with everything from water to buckwheat, custom fragrances upon check in, mini bars stocked with board games, live goldfish, and erotic toys, and, my favorite, a $500 bath in Evian water, because apparently that gets the job done a million times better than the standard tap.

With the choices carrying on even further to standard concierge assistant, and technology butlers at your every gadget whim, the choice isn't which destination to jet off to next, but which hotel package to choose for that extra day spent in the room?